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1-10 domain names
.gr: 19.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year
11-20 domain names
.gr: 18.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year
21-30 domain names
.gr: 17.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year
31-40 domain names
.gr: 16.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year
41-100 domain names
.gr: 15.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year
101+ domain names
.gr: 14.9€/2years
.com: 9.9€/year
.net: 9.9€/year


A domain name (Internet name) is a word one can select so as to be able to connect to a computer on the Internet. This word is always further defined by a suffix, which in some way characterizes the Internet 'domain' to which it belongs. Thus, for a .gr 'domain', a domain name will have the name. gr format, and one can visit the corresponding web pages by typing an address of the http//www.name.gr. in a browser

Rejection of a domain name request is applicable only for the .gr register.

A domain.gr can be rejected only in the event of a relevant ruling of the EETT (Greek National Regulatory Organisation of Communications) and is applicable and effective only for second-level domains, eg. ,gov.gr.

In any event, the client is relevantly informed by the name register via email

There is no limitation on the number of domain names a legal entity or individual can be given

You can find our domain name pricelist HERE

If you have elected to pay by credit card, Pay pal, or Moneybrokers, your domain name is activated instantly. In the event you have elected to pay by bank deposit, then:

-For .gr domains, activation is instant. In the event that the order is not fully paid off within a five days, the domain is revoked

-For domains of other suffixes, the domains are activated following deposit of the full amount in one of our bank accounts.

-It should be short. Long domain names are hard to remember

-It should be regional. If your company is venturing abroad, it might be good to purchase a domain name with a suffix other than .gr

-It should sound simple. A domain name should not be a tongue twister

-You may also consider buying all the possible alternatives/derivatives for that name. If, i.e., you owned insports.gr how would you feel about someone buying insport.gr and becoming a competitor site?

-Purchase alternative suffixes

-Protect your business by registering your domain with various suffixes

Private or public legal person/entity who can receive concession request from persons interested in the concession of a Domain Name to them.

Pointer has been an official .gr domain name registrar since 2002 and an official .eu domain name registrar since 2006

It is the Database containing the sum total of conceded Domains and Names

.gr domains can be renewed up to 15 days following their expiration date and there is a re-activation fee. If you know the authorization code for the domain, we can renew it even if it was under a different registrar at the time of its expiration date.

.eu domains can be renewed up to 15 days following their expiration date and there is a re-activation fee.

.com, .net, .org etc domains can be renewed within 30 days following their expiration date and there is a re-activation fee. Past the 30-day period, the domain is placed in Redemption period status for another 30 days. The renewal cost in a Redemption period is 230 Euro lus VAT for a one-year domain renewal.

Past the Redemption period, then the domain is in deletion status, which lasts 5 days, during which it cannot be renewed. after those five days have elapsed, the domain is released.

You can pay for the services provided by Pointer in one of the following ways:

  • by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • by bank deposit in the accounts below
    Eurobank: IBAN: GR3902603660000900200183578 (TH.PAPAMICHAIL VAINAS-G.PSALTAKIS, BIC: ERBKGRAA)
    Ethniki: IBAN: 
    Piraeus IBAN
    (Winbank): GR3901722260005226071376849 (TH.PAPAMICHAIL VAINAS-G.PSALTAKIS, SWIFT-BIC: PIRBGRAA)
    Alpha Bank:
     IBAN: GR8601404800480002786002544 (Papamichail) w
  • by Paypal (if you do not have a paypal account, click HERE)
  • with Paysafecard
  • with Pointer credits, which you can purchase at any point with no extra charge and use for any purchase or renewal of services



Our banks

The nameserver is a computer which runs software suitable for DNS data. In simple words,a name server, 'tells' a domain which hosting package will be used

A domain name authorization code/password is a string of characters which enables identification of the Owner of a Name and access to the name's administrative management. it can be requested through Pointer's administration control panel and it is different from the user name and password you have registered with our site

You will have to click on 'Remind password' on the top right hand Login field of our site and the login details (username and password) will be sent to your registered email. There is also the possibility to be reminded of your password even if you cannot remember your Username either.

You may access information available for every Domain Name through www.gr for gr domains, or whois.eu for .eu domains, or reports.internic.net for com, net, org etc

The right to concede a Domain Name to any individual or entity, either Greek or non-Greek, irrespective of their homeland or headquarters, is applicable to every one, both Greek and non-Greek individuals or entities

A Domain Name can consist of at least three (3) and no more than sixty (60) characters, excluding the suffix. For Names of Greek characters, the upper limit of sixty characters applies to the length of the encoded form (punycode)

Name concession is not relevant to our web design and web hosting services. You may order a hosting package through our site or check out our web design packages.

For domains with .gr and .eu suffixes, domain registrations in Greek characters, eg. πόιντερ.gr and πόιντερ.eu are made instantly in exactly the same manner as for the rest of the domains.

Search Pointer's site and then follow the very simple steps for one or more domain name registrations

If you have selected to pay by credit card, Paypal,Paysafecard or Moneybrokers, then your domain wiil instantly be activated. In the event you have chosen a deposit to a bank account then:

-For .gr domains, activation occurs instantly. In the event that your order is not fully paid within a five-day period, the domain is revoked.

-For domains of other suffixes, the domains are activated following deposit of the amount in one of our bank accounts

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