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  • "florist containing the word rose"
  • "website with online game servers and forum for gamers"

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Free services

With every domain you register from us, you are entitled to a series of free services and tools to take the next step.

You are in good hands

With 20+ years in the market you will have a reliable partner for your every need.


We cover all your needs with complete solutions in hosting, SSL, & website builder.

Pick the perfect domain name for you!

Make sure you follow the 3 important rules:

Stick to something short and simple.


Choose something that is easy to remember.

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Think long-term


Check also the domain names guide that will help you register the right domain name!

What do you win if you bring your domain to us?

You win 5€

You transfer your .GR domain name completely free of charge and you earn €5 on the first renewal whenever you do it.
*Not included with other offers

Free Hosting & 1 email

You can activate free hosting for every name you bring to us and get 150MB space and 1 email account.

Free Website with Weebly

With the popular website builder, Weebly build a site without having to write a single line of code.

More domain names - More Discounts

By bringing more domains you get special discount prices on registrations and renewals.

Friendly Support

For anything you need help with, you know that you have a team of experienced technicians by your side, ready to help you.

Simple & Intuitive Control Panel

Through the admin you have full control of your domain name. DNS management, change nameservers, domain lock and more are just a few clicks away.

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Make money selling domains in 3 easy steps:

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    Find domain names that you think have value and are free.

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    Register them through Pointer marketplace with a sale price commensurate with the value.

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    Interested parties send you their information and you close the "deal"!

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What do they say about us?

Our customers trust us and believe in our values

Taxiltaridis Nikos

The reliable solution I was looking for!

Pointer has been one of our most stable, reliable and technologically qualified partners for the last 8 years. Whatever we need in terms of VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Servers, they are by our side and provide us with excellent professional services and immediate support!

Nikos TaxiltaridisFounder ENIGMART - Senior Web & App Developer - Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

With any payment method and if you have followed the instructions we write at the end of your order, then your domain name is automatically activated. In the event of a transfer without proper reasoning, you should contact us to activate your order. In .gr domains, activation takes place immediately and the domain name is reserved for five days even if you do not pay. The domain name is revoked if payment is not made after five days. There is no binding option for the remaining endings.

**.gr domains can be renewed up to 15 days after their normal expiration date. If you know the domain's authorization code, then you can renew your domain even if it was at another registrar until it expired. .eu domains can be renewed up to 15 days after their normal expiration date with an extra reactivation cost. ** .com, .net, .org etc domains, after their expiration, can be renewed for a period of 30 days after their normal expiration date without extra reactivation costs. After this period, the domain goes into a Redemption period state for another 30 days. The domain renewal cost that is in the Redemption period is 160 euros plus VAT and concerns the renewal of the domain for one year. If this period also passes (Redemption) then the domain goes into a state of deletion which lasts five days and during which it cannot be renewed. After the end of the 5 days, the domain is released.

The rejection of a domain name application only applies to the .gr name registry. A .gr domain can only be rejected in case of a similar decision by EETT and is now only valid for second-level domain names, e.g. In any case, you will be notified by email from the name registry.

The name (word) we choose to connect to a computer on the Internet is called a domain name. This name always has a suffix that characterizes the "area" or class to which it belongs. Thus, for the namespace ending in [.GR ], a domain name will have the form and we visit the pages that correspond to it by typing in a browser an address of the form

A natural or legal person can register unlimited domain names.

Price list for our domain names, you can find HERE. Keeping the competition in mind we try to keep the prices at the lowest possible level. In most endings, our prices are the lowest in the Greek market.

For the Internet providers to be updated with the new name servers of your domain name, it takes from 4 to 24 hours.

Tips for getting a suitable domain name:

  • Be small. Large domains are hard to remember.
  • Geographic. If your business also carries out activity abroad, then it would be good to buy a domain with an ending other than .gr.
  • Be echo. A domain name should not be a tongue twister.
  • Also buy the alternative variants of a domain. If e.g. You have, how would you feel if someone took over and created a competing site?
  • Buy alternative ends.
  • Protect your brand by registering your domain in different endings.

You can also visit the relevant article on our blog for more information.

A natural or legal person who receives the license to be able to assign domain names is called Registrar. Pointer has been the official registrar of .gr domain names since 2002 and the official registrar of .eu domain names since 2006.

Register of names is the Database that includes all assigned Place Names of a certain ending. For example, for .gr domain names, the registry is Gr-registy, for eu domain names the registry is Eurid, etc.

You can pay for the services we provide you in the following ways:

  • with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro).
  • by deposit to the following bank accounts:
  • Eurobank: 0026.0366.90.0200183578 (TH.PAPAMICHAIL VAINAS - G.PSALTAKIS OE) (IBAN: GR3902603660000900200183578, BIC: ERBKGRAA).
  • National: 541/440147-65 (TH. PAPAMICHAIL VAINAS - G. PSALTAKIS OE) (IBAN: GR6001105410000054144014765, SWIFT-BIC: ETHNGRAA).
  • Piraeus (Winbank): 5226-071376-849 (TH. PAPAMICHAIL VAINAS - G. PSALTAKIS OE) (IBAN: GR3901722260005226071376849, SWIFT-BIC: PIRBGRAA).
  • Alpha Bank: 480-002-786002544 (Papamichail) (IBAN: GR8601404800480002786002544).
  • with IRIS through your bank's e-banking.
  • with Neteller.
  • with Vivawallet.
  • Payment in 3 interest-free installments and without a credit card via Klarna.
  • with Paypal.
  • with Paysafecard.
  • with Pointer's credits, which you can buy at any time without any additional charge and use them for any purchase or service renewal. To buy credits, you must log in to your control panel.

The name server is a setting of the domain name, which defines the DNS server that will serve its functions, e.g. web, email. When you type e.g. in your browser, the computer 'looks' for a DNS server to find the relevant IP address where the Pointer site is located. When it finds this IP then it sends your browser to the correct site.

Authorization code of a domain name is a unique combination of characters that ensures the identification of the Beneficiary of the Name. You request the authorization code (Authorization code) through the Pointer management control panel and it is independent of the username and password you have to connect to our site. In case of transfer of a name from another registrar, you can request the code through its administrative environment. If you are going to transfer a .gr domain name to us, during the transfer process there is a send code button. We will send you the code of your .gr domain name through the name registry. The code will be sent to the email registered as the name owner's email in the name registry.

In the upper right part of our site, there is the Login field. A window will open and if you don't remember your passwords you will click on 'Remind password'. You will be asked to enter a Username or email. Click on 'Reset Password' and you will be sent instructions to change your login information.

There is no nationality restriction in the registration of a .gr domain name.

A domain name, in most cases, can consist of three to 63 characters. In some cases and depending on the respective registry, a domain name can have two characters. For example, you can also register a .gr domain name with two characters.

The name assignment is independent of the website creation and hosting services. After registering a domain name, in order to 'upload' a website, you should also acquire a hosting package. After purchasing a hosting package, we will send you codes through which you will be able to upload your website. If you haven't built the site yet, you can contact us to make you an offer for website creation.

You can manage your domain names through our advanced control panel. After you have logged in through the login field in the upper right part of our website, you can manage your domain name(s). Some of the functions supported are change name server, dns management, lock domain, retrieve authorization code, renew name , etc.

One way is to log in to the control panel from our main page. In the upper right part there is a connection button. If you don't remember the passwords, you can make a password reminder. In the admin you will see all the services you have with us. By clicking to the left of the service you would like to renew, you see the renewal amount and time period. You can choose between multiple payment methods (

The other option is to click on the renewal link that will be sent to you by email, before the end of the relevant service.

There is also the option of automatic renewal. You can see information at [Blog]( b7-%ce%b1%ce%bd%ce%b1%ce%bd%ce%ad%cf%89%cf%83%ce%b7-%ce%b5%ce%bd%cf%8c%cf% 82-domain-name-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%bd-pointer/ "Blog").

In some endings, when the expiration date of a domain name has passed and after the end of a period of time during which it is renewed at its normal price, then it goes into a state of redemption or otherwise in a redemption period. If you want to renew a domain name that is in redemption period, you will have to pay an extra amount of money plus the 'normal' name renewal amount. The dates and times mentioned above vary, depending on the ending.

For example, when a domain name ending in .com expires, for 35 days it is renewed at the normal renewal price. If these 35 days pass then it enters a redemption period for the next 40 days. To exit the redemption status, the cost is 160 euros plus the renewal price.

You can find the information available for each assigned Domain Name, through our tool, After the creation of the laws for the protection of personal data, in all endings the hiding of information from searches in Whois tools is observed. The data that may appear in some endings are some company data.

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