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Terms of use


1. Provider
2. Generally
3. Services
    3.1. Registration and management of domain names
    3.2. Shared web hosting
    3.3. Semi Dedicated hosting
    3.4. Virtual Private Server and Cloud server
    3.5. Dedicated
    3.6. Server management
    3.7. Unmanaged server
    3.8. Full server management
    3.9. Admin Hands
    3.10. SSL certificates
    3.11. Streaming services (Video or radio)
    3.12. Web design
    3.13. Website design and promotion (Adwords, Social Media κτλ.)
    3.14. Technical support
    3.15. Transferring a Website
    3.16. Backups
4. Security
5. Proper Use
6. Service contract time
7. Payment methods
8. Fees
9. Discounts/Gifts/Promotions
10. Withdrawal
11. Exceptions of the withdrawal
12. Consequences of Withdrawal
13. Termination of the Contract
14. Company obligations
15. Limitation of liability
16. Customer obligations
17. Copyrights
18. Data Protection
19. Alternative Dispute Resolution
20. Jurisdiction
21. Applicable Law

  • Provider

    GEMI: 0435277060000


    Distinctive Title: POINTER

    V.A.T: EL998633174

    Prefecture: Thessaloniki

    Municipality: Thessaloniki

    Street: I.POLEMI

    Number: 13

    PC: 54248


    From now on, for the sake of brevity, it will be called "the Company"

Generally These terms and conditions apply to all service contracts entered into through the Company's web site (, as well as in all cases where Greek or European law refers to the provision of services as remotely concluded.

  1. Conditions may be amended without notice to the Customers. In any case, the amended terms will apply retroactively.
  2. This website is intended for both natural and legal persons (hereinafter referred to as "Customers").
  3. All the content of the website, as well as the services provided through it, shall be intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law and international conventions.
  4. The use of the content in any way for commercial purposes is permitted only after a written permission by the Company. It is forbidden to copy, republish, upload, disseminate, distribute and resell the content of the Company's website.
  5. A Customer, who fails to comply with these terms and conditions, shall not use the website and the services provided by the Company.
  6. Owner of hosting space on our servers, is considered the one who is billed by our company. The owner of a domain name is not the owner of the hosting space unless it is billed for the specific service.


The Company's services consist of web and application hosting. Furthermore, the Company provides services of domain name registration and management, server hosting, streaming (video or radio), SSL certificates, web design and promotion, data transfer.

Special terms of Service :

  1. Registration, management and transfer of Greek domain name.

    • The relevant provisions of the Domain Names Management and Grant Regulation apply with .gr or .ελ extension. (Government Gazette 973 / Β / 2018) as amended and in force.
  • Registration, management and transfer of European domain name.

    • The relevant provisions of the Domain Names Management and Grant Regulation apply with .eu and .ευ of Eurid.
  • Registration, management and transfer of International or Third domain name.

    • ICANN and third party regulations apply.
  1. Domain Name Transfer (Greece / Inernational / European).

    The relevant provisions of the Regulation for the Management and Assignment of Domain Names (Domain Names) ending in .gr or .el. (Government Gazette 973 / Β / 2018) as amended and in force.

    The relevant provisions of the Domain Name Management Regulation ending in .eu and .ευ of Eurid apply.

    ICANN regulations and third party providers.

  2. Shared web hosting: The customer’s account is located on a shared server, where the resources (i.e CPU, Memory, Disk Performance I/O) are distributed among all the other accounts located on the same server depending on the plan selected by the Customer. The Reseller plans are included in this category.

  3. Semi Dedicated hosting: The Customer's data and databases are hosted in a high tech dedicated server. The resources of the plan are shared with minimum and maximum limits. The Company makes sure that the minimum limits reach the maximum limits described by each plan.

  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud Server: These specific servers are virtual and autonomous, while they are located on one or more interconnected dedicated servers (Infrastructure servers). The resources of the plans are committed (i.e. CPU, Memory, Disk size). Minimum and maximum limits of resources consumption are defined by the Company in order to ensure the proper operation of the Dedicated Server/s.

  5. Dedicated Servers: The Customer’s account is located on a dedicated server with specifications of his choice. The resources of the plan are exclusive(i.e. CPU, Memory, disk size).

  6. Server Management: The company manages the Shared and Semi-Dedicated hosting servers. In this context, the Company takes care of their proper operation and defines the specifications of their operation as long as the hosted accounts (sharing CPU usage from customer’s operations). The Virtual Private Server and the Cloud Server are provided unmanaged, unless the “Full Server Management” is activated. Accordingly, the following apply to them:

  7. Unmanaged server: The company activates and delivers the server, which is desired by the Customer with complete management information (i.e. Root in Linux environment). After the delivery of the server by the company, the Customer is responsible for the management and its internal operation (such as operating system, management panel, software, services, security on/off).

  8. Offered as additional service on a Dedicated, Cloud or VPS server. The Company takes over the management and the internal operation of the server, other than the Customer’s content, with task execution, such as backups and software upgrades of the operating system,installations/settings of the Web server (i.e. Apache, PHP), the database (i.e. MySQL), the hosting panel ( i.e. cPanel, Plesk) etc. In more detail, the management service includes:

  • Servel - level security controls.
  • Firewall configuration.
  • DNS configuration.
  • Server unable to start.
  • Services unable to start (i.e. apache, mysql, postfix).
  • Installation of packages via package manager ( i.e. yum, apt).
  • Server software updates and upgrades (i.e. php, mysql).
  • Custom settings for services (i.e. Installation PECL/PHP add-ons/extensions).
  • Εmail server configuration (i.e. postfix, dovecot).
  • Providing assistance for website troubleshooting (i.e. php.ini).
  • Cron jobs.
  • Backup configuration.
  • Data restoration from backup (i.e. website restoration from the last backup in case of infringement). The company can not provide support in terms of content, for which the Customer remains responsible for management. Indicatively, the Company can provide a website restoration in case of infringement upon a Customer’s request, however the Company is not responsible or competent for checking and fixing security gaps.
  1. Admin Hands: It is offered as additional service in “VPS”, “Cloud” or “Dedicated” Servers. The company takes over the compliance check, fixing or correcting issues on unmanaged servers of the Customer for once. The execution of the tasks shall be made upon a clear reference on the issues and the desirable actions is made by the Customer, and only if the estimated remuneration for the engagement work of the technician is accepted.
    The execution includes server management tasks, such as software updates, installations/settings of Web server (i.e. Apache/PHP), Fixing boot issues, and does not include content interference, such as website debugging.

  2. SSL Certificates: The company provides security certificates on Domain validation, Organization validation and extended validation.
    Verification and issue policies depending on the category and the certification authority chosen by the Customer, apply in each category of certificates. Indicatively, in these may be included a procedure of ownership validation through email.
    The Customer must provide the Company with the necessary version data, such as the request of digital signature of a CSR certificate, which are transferred to the particular authority for the issuance of the certificate.
    After its issuance, the certificate is provided to the Customer in archive form (i.e. .crt file), which should be installed to the desired service.

    Furthermore, the Company provides the SSL installation service, based on which the issuance and installation parts are completed by a technician of the Company.

  1. Streaming Services (Video or internet radio): The Company provides services of video and radio streaming.
    The technical specifications of the broadcast, such the supported data format (i.e. mp3), or the bitrate of the stream (i.e. 128 Kbps) are defined by the streaming plan selected by the Customer.
    The Customer is responsible for the content of the stream and his compliance with the content which is protected by copyrights.
    The Company does not provide operating licences or other certificates related with the broadcast of the content.

  2. Web design: The Company provides web design and maintenance services. The execution of the tasks shall be made upon a clear reference on the issues and the desirable actions is made by the Customer, and only if the offer-contract is accepted. The additional terms, as described in the project contract, apply for each design project.

  3. Website design and promotion: The Company provides website design and promotion services, such as Adwords, Social Media etc. The execution of the tasks shall be made upon a clear reference on the issues and the desirable actions is made by the Customer, and only if the offer-contract is accepted. The additional terms, as described in the project contract, apply for each design project.

  4. Technical support.

  • The Company provides technical support for the services provided to the Customer, during the whole term of their validity. Before or after the duration of the service and as long as there is not a contract between the Company and the Customer, no technical support is provided.
  • The technical support could be provided upon a request of the Customer to the technical department of the Company, either through an email or through a message on the online platform “Helpdesk”. The additional means of communication provided by the Company, such as telephone, or chat, can be used as a troubleshooter, but they can not replace the above mentioned procedure of creating a support request. Especially regarding the free hosting plans, such as the “Free Hosting Plan”, the support provided either through an email or through a message on the online platform “Helpdesk”.
  • The Customer shall send his request from the declared email address that corresponds to his account. The Company can not serve requests from third email addresses for security reasons.
  • The Customer shall describe clearly the addressing issue, but also provide all the necessary information to the technical support of the Company, such as steps of reproducing the issue, in order to enable the Company to carry out the check.
  • All requests are served in priority order. Especially regarding the free hosting plans, such as the “Free Hosting Plan”, the service is offered on low priority.
  • The Company can not guarantee a minimum limit to serve a request, as it depends on the nature of each issue.
  • Crucial or important issues may be served with greater priority. As crucial or important issues could be considered, these related to the instructure situation of the Company, but also the smooth operation of the servers and the services. On the contrary, issues related to the Customer’s content, such as website errors, can not be considered as crucial for the operation of a service. The Company has the right to judge which requests are considered as crucial or important and depending on that to proceed on faster or normal service.
  1. Transferring a Website
  • The Company provides services of transferring a website from another provider. The execution of the tasks shall be made upon a clear reference on the data that the Customer wants to transfer and only if the estimated remuneration for the engagement work of the technician is accepted.
  • The Company can not guarantee the availability, possibility or time required in order to complete the transfer.
  • The Company provides free transfer to Customers that have bought any annual or longer, Shared or Semi Dedicated hosting plan.
    From the above mentioned is excluded the “Basic Hosting” plan as well as the reseller plans.
  • The free transfer is valid for one website per plan, and is invalid for websites designed in programming languages .ASP or .NET.
  1. Backups
  • For the shared hosting, semi dedicated hosting and reseller services, the Company creates every two days backups and maintains them for 14 days. From the above mentioned are excluded all free hosting plans, such as the “Free Hosting” plan.

  • The execution and repetition time of the backups is defined by the Company.

  • The Company takes care about the smooth operation of the backups and defines the specifications of their operation.

    Within this context, scrapbook archives, temporary and any third files are excluded from backups, which in the view of the company are not related with the smooth operation of the Customer’s account or its content, such as for example cache files.

  • Depending on the execution cycle of the backup of each server, up to 7 backups can exist. The availability of the backups is not guaranteed and may be affected by several factors, such as backup software errors.

  • For the above mentioned services (, in which the backup service is provided, if a management tool is available, the backup should be performed by the Customer. In case that the service or the hosting plan does not provide the backup management capability, the backup is performed by the Company upon a Customer’s request. Such requests can not be more than 3 per day or 7 per week.

  • For VPS and Cloud Server services the Company does not maintain backups, unless the Customer chooses to activate any additional backup service for his server.

  • Full system backup

    The Company maintains a seven day daily backup of the whole server, in the form of snapshot.
    There is no possibility of restoring individual files or folders.
    The execution and repetition time of the backups are defined by the Company. The Company takes care about the smooth operation of the backups and defines the specifications of their operation. The backup is performed by the Company upon a Customer’s request. Such requests can not be more than 3 per day or 7 per week.

  • Bare metal backup

    For the operation of bare metal backup, the installation of a special software on the Customer’s server is required.

    The Company takes over the installation of the special software and performs occasional audits for its smooth operation, which requires the provision of access from the Customer to his server.

    The Company creates backups every 2 days and maintains them for 14 days, unless there is a special maintenance agreement.

    The execution and repetition time of the backups are defined by the Company, unless there is a special scheduling agreement.

    The Company takes care about the smooth operation of the backups and defines the specifications of their operation.

    There is the possibility of restoring the whole server as well as individual files or folders. Relevant requests can not be more than 3 per day or 7 per week..

  • The Company provides the Customer with a remote storage space of backups through access to FTP/FTPS/SSH protocols.
    The backup settings, such as execution time, repetition time, as well as its smooth operation are competence and responsibility of the Customer.
    The backup can not be performed by the Company, but only by the Customer.

  • For all other services, such as streaming services (Video or Internet radio), the Company does not provide backups. The Customer should take care about the maintenance of local backups.


    The Company defines the security specifications of its infrastructure and server systems on its network, while taking care of their protection.

    1. In this context, the Customer can not modify the security rules and specifications of the servers and the services, unless they are related to the internal security operations of autonomous serves, such as VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Servers”.

    2. The Company uses different security systems, including Firewalls, for the protection of its infrastructure. In case that the security systems identify any suspicious or malicious activity, an automatic full or partial exclusion from the services may exist for the Customer.

      On services that are provided with the ability to alleviate the exclusion, the restoration shall be performed by the Customer. In case that the Company does not provide the Customer with the ability to alleviate the exclusion, the restoration shall be performed by the Company, upon a request from the Customer.

    3. In case that an infringement in Customer’s services is identified, such as for example on website or email, the Company informs the Customer, in order to take the necessary control and fixing actions, as well as change access credentials. If the Customer does not inform the Company for the actions taken within 24 hours, the Company, depending on the serious nature of the issue, may proceed to a full or partial, for a fixed or indefinite period exclusion of Customer’s services.

    4. In case that malicious actions on Customer’s services are identified, such as execution of a malicious code, spam messages, or phishing, the Company retains the right to proceed immediately and without notification to the exclusion of the Customer’s services..

Proper Use and misuse of the Resources

  1. The hosting of Customer’s data on Company’s servers depends on the service chosen by the Customer. Each service may include different characteristics or operations, which should be used by the Customer ιn the right frame, without abusing the resources provided. In this context, the following special terms apply.
  2. Shared and Semi Dedicated hosting plans are offered by the Company for website and mail hosting. Respectively, they are not designed so as to operate for third purposes, such as storage space. The Customer may choose the purpose of the hosting in autonomous servers, such as VPS, Cloud and Dedicated servers.
  3. The Customer is not allowed to operate/perform the following technologies/applications: Tor, Port Scans, Ping floods, Packet spoofing, Forging router information, Denial of service attacks, Sniffers, Flooding, Spoofing, Ping bombing, Smurfs, Winnuke, Land, Teardrop, and any other action that maliciously burdens the Company’s network. Especially, regarding Shared and Semi Dedicated hosting, additionally to the above mentioned, the execution of autonomous Processes, IRC, Web spider, Indexer, Bit torrent, Filesharing, Peertopeer, Gaming server, Mail server, Web server, Streaming site, immediate video streaming is forbidden.
  4. The Customer in not allowed to use the mail service as:
    - Spamming to recipients that have not asked the receipt of the messages.
    - Registering recipients into mailing lists without their consent.
    - Undesirable advertisement of services and products hosted in a Company’s server, by any direct or indirect means, even if the messaging is made outside the Company’s servers. The Company retains the right to judge which messages are considered as suspicious or malicious and depending on that, to limit the sending of such messages.
  5. The Company provides services, which are referred to as Unlimited.
    That reference does not reflect to infinite use of the resources (i.e. CPU, Memory, Disk performance I/O).
    The provided characteristics of the plan resources chosen by the Customer, are laid down on each page of the product or the service.
    Especially, about the disk usage, the Customer owes not to make use above the inodes limit. Inodes are data structures used to store information regarding an object in the data system, such as a file or a folder, and they form natural limits of hard disk space.
    The total number of inodes shows the number of files and folders the customer has, including all the data, such as website files, emails, settings etc.
    The inodes refer to each individual object rather than their size. They are limited by the Company for the proper operation of the server’s disks.
  6. The use of excessive system resources is unacceptable.
    The Company retains the right to immediately limit or terminate processes made by the Customer that cause overload or stability issues to services.
    Furthermore, should the use of the Company's services by the Customer create, in the Company's judgment, beyond the permissible limits, the Company's equipment and resources being overloaded, the Company may suspend the operation of the account until such time as it is determined and resolved the cause of overload.
    The Company reserves the right to neutralize intensive mechanisms that burden server resources, such as the CPU.
  7. The Company provides hosting plans that allow users to connect through SSH. The operation is provided within the context of proper use, while it may be revoked in case of misuse. In plans that the operation is not provided, it can be provided upon a request. The Company has the right to refuse the access or permit limited access to execute specific commands.

Service contract time

The selection of the «Order to pay» button is defined as execution time of the service contract.

Payment methods

The Company supports multiple payment methods. The use of each method may be subject to special conditions, such as security restrictions or transaction charges in cases of bank institutions. The payment methods are the following:

  1. Paypal

  2. Credit / Debit Card

    1. By using cards on our site to make purchases you declare that you have the right to use them legally.
    2. The Company does not keep the details of your card nor is it responsible for the payment infrastructure
    3. Recognizing the importance of electronic payment security, EveryPay is a licensed Payment Institution by the Bank of Greece (Decision No. 280/3 / 23-7-2018 GG B 3010 / 25-7-2018), and manages securely card payment transactions, in accordance with the regulatory framework of the card transaction security management standard. Everypay is certified in accordance with the PCI DSS compliance standards. All Everypay services are made through secure connections with 256bit SSL certificates. EveryPay also supports the ability to use the 3D Secure service, an additional security token for VISA & MasterCard. The Payer then has to enter his personal secret code to complete the transaction successfully.
    4. VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES S.A. with Tax ID: 997671771/ Tax Office of Athens is a legally licensed Electronic Money Institution under the provisions of Law 4021/2011, supervised by the Bank of Greece with registration number 1.
  3. Bank Deposit

  4. Bitcoin

  5. Neteller

  6. Paysafecard

  7. Vivapayments


The fees as shown on this website does not include 24% VAT.


The Company occasionally performs various promotions such as discounts, gift giving with purchases etc., both on her website and on social media, through search websites, and third networks. In any case, the only accurate representation of the Company's prices is that provided through this website.
  • Withdrawal

    The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Service Agreement within 14 calendar days without giving any explanation, except for the following mentioned.
    The withdrawal period shall expire 14 calendar days after the payment day or the day the service contract is drawn up.
    In order for the Customer to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must notify his decision to withdraw from the contract or the order by a clear statement by e-mail addressed to the Company.
    In case that the Customer does not make a clear statement about his withdrawal through email, or does not send a relevant request before the above mentioned deadline expires, the Company reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal.
    In case that the Customer makes a clear statement about his withdrawal through an email within the indicated deadline, he will receive a confirmation from the Company about his withdrawal within 2 days.

  • **Exceptions of the withdrawal **

    Limited withdrawal is provided in the following plans:

    • Registration of .gr and .ελ domain names for which there is a 4 day withdrawal after the order.

    In the following plans, withdrawal is not allowed:

    • Registration of domain name, except for .gr and .ελ, as mentioned above.

    • Renewing of Domain Names of all extensions.

    • SSL Certificates.

    • VPS and Cloud servers.

    • Dedicated servers.

    • Personalized services or software license purchase.

    • Advance payment for website design.

    • Advance payment for website support and promotion.

**Consequences of Withdrawal **

In case of withdrawal from a service contract by the Customer, the Company returns the total amount of money related to the contract. The refund procedure is completed within 14 calendar days of the date the Company confirmed the receipt of the request. The refund procedure is executed by using the same payment method used for the original transaction, unless the Customer has explicitly agreed to something different. The Company will not charge any such refund.

Termination of the Contract

The Company reserves the right to terminate the contract or suspend the account without notice when the Customer has done or is alleged to have done unlawful acts, and / or subject to the Company's perception of systematic use of the services provided for unlawful and unfair purposes. The Company reserves the right to terminate the contract without prejudice if it finds that fraudulent or stolen data has been used. The Company reserves the right to terminate the contract without prejudice, in case that misuse or abuse of the services provided is detected. The Customer reserves the right to terminate the contract prematurely, but is not entitled to claim a refund of any amount or part of the contract remaining due.

Company obligations

1. The Company makes every effort to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of its network and infrastructure and to ensure that any faults are promptly remedied. 2. The Company has taken all the necessary organizational and technical security measures to provide the highest possible security in the provision of its online services. In the event of any damage, the Company is solely responsible for cases of willful or gross negligence, and up to an amount that may not exceed the total cost of the established service contract or the total cost of the order. 3. The Company is obliged to give passwords of domain name, account, or services to a customer, only if the ownership of the relevant services is proved in written. 4. The Company provides technical support to the Customer, based only on the declared management data (i.e. email), as declared on the Company’s website by himself. 5. The Company does not allow the Customer’s physical access to its premises for security reasons. The Customer’s physical access to the Company's premises may only be granted with special permission and for specific premises. 6. The Company performs maintenance and control of its systems at regular intervals and for this reason there may be a predetermined time period during which its operating units may not be used. 7. The Customer shall be informed at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the execution of the works, on the nature of the maintenance, the estimation of the time of repair and the affected services, by email or notice on the Company's website (www.pointer) .gr) or notice on social media. The above mentioned information does not include emergency maintenance or force majeure cases. 8. The Company regularly upgrades the applications installed on its servers, in order to maintain security levels on highest standards.

Limitation of liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any positive, consequential or other damage caused to the Customer or to any third party by problems that arise due to force majeure which are not within the control of the Company, including, but not limited to, system malfunction, power failure, general telephone line malfunction etc.

  2. Free transfer of web pages takes place only if this is possible, and does not affect the security and the proper function of the Company's servers.

  3. The Company bears no responsibility for the incomplete transfer of the Website or for the invalid transfer of the Website.

  4. The Customer is obliged to provide any information requested by the Company and its technicians regarding the website being transferred.

  5. The Customer is obliged to check his data and inform the Company about issues such as website operating problems, that emerged no later than 14 calendar days from its completion. After that period, the transfer procedure is considered to be completed. The Company is not responsible if, in the process of ordering by the Customer and prior to its payment, the chosen domain is registered by someone else as soon as the registration is completed by the Company on the confirmation of payment.

  6. The Company assumes no responsibility if during the order process by the Client and before the validated payment of the domain name (domain) chosen, the same domain name is registered by a third party. The "registration" is completed by the Company on behalf of the customer after the "confirmation" of the payment.

  7. The Company bears no responsibility in the event that the backups of files and databases are not up-to-date or cannot be used.

  8. The Customer agrees that he will not be partially or exclusively based on the company regarding the backup of his files, and will not require by the company to restore recent or older backups of his files.

  9. The Company has the right to delete customer data (files, databases, emails, etc.) after the end of the hosting period and has no obligation to retain or restore a copy.

  10. The Company bears no responsibility in case that any security system such as Firewall, causes complete or partial exclusion of Customer’s services.

  11. The Company is not obliged to provide the Customer with technical support regarding the website’s context and uploads.

  12. The Company is not responsible for the proper operation of third party software such as hosting panels, operating systems.

  13. The Customer agrees that free hosting plans, such as the “Free Hosting” plan, and free services such as “freedns” are provided by the Company without an operation guarantee. The Company may interrupt or pause the above mentioned free services, if it considered necessary, at any time without prior notification or Customer’s consent.

  14. In all cases, the Company is liable only for slight negligence in the provision of its services.

Customer obligations

  1. By completing the registration on the Website or by any use of Company’s services, the Customer declares that the information provided by him, including the information related to the ownership of the websites, domain names and accounts are true and accurate. Otherwise, if it turns out that these facts are not true, the Company shall cancel the user registration, the orders, and any enabled services provides to the user.

  2. By completing the registration on the Website, and by registering the email address or mobile phone (SMS communication only) the Customer expressly accepts that any updates regarding the services ordered will be sent to the above address or telephone, if this has been chosen on the Management System. Furthermore, the Customer must update his contact information on his account, and if this is not possible, he shall inform the Company in written. The Company assumes no responsibility if the contact email address entered is invalid.

  3. The Customer must pay in advance the anticipated fee for the provision of the ordered service. The Customer is obliged, when paying an order, to declare the information related to it, so as the Company is able to correspond it with his account.

  4. In case that the Company receives payment for an order or a contract, it is not obliged to check the identity of the person that makes the payment and will activate the service.

  5. Timely payment of the respective renewal amount by the customer or a third party, without express declaration of termination of service, results in automatic renewal of services.

  6. In the event that the Customer consistently fails to pay off one or more services in his account then the Company reserves the right to suspend, block or delete all his/her domains and hosting accounts, paid or otherwise, without the obligation to provide the Customer with backup security copies.

  7. Failure to pay the domain name amount in a timely manner by the Customer will result in the termination of the service, and the Company may assign the same name for registration to a third party. The Company bears no responsibility for the failure to renew the designation after the end of the agreed service period, without payment of the corresponding renewal amount.

  8. The Customer must comply with the applicable law and is expressly prohibited from using the services it receives from the Company for purposes of committing unlawful acts which are contrary to the national or European law.

    For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the following shall be considered as indicative and not restrictive:

    - Collection, storage, or dispatch of pornographic, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory and abusive material.

    - Promotion of offenses punishable by the Criminal Code or special criminal laws.

    - Collection, storage or dispatch of material promoting racist, racial, social, religious and / or ethnic discrimination.

    - Collection, storage, or sending of data, programs, viruses, and files designed to destroy, damage, or disrupt computer software or hardware.

  9. Spam and mass messages without the consent or request of the recipients.

  10. The Customer is obliged to provide the Company with sufficient explanations, in the event of receiving complaints and/or out-of-court statements including third party rights, that are related to context being hosted on services provided to him.

  11. The Customer must immediately or else no later than 24 hours respond in writing by email, related to the requests of judicial, prosecutorial, police or tax authorities or any third party.

  12. The Customer expressly acknowledges that it accepts the disclosure of its personal data and / or contact information by the Company in the event that an out-of-court statement or related document is communicated to it by the above-mentioned authorities or third parties, in order to exercise such their rights.

  13. The Customer must ensure that all necessary and foreseen measures are taken to ensure the smooth operation of his service, while at the same time complying with all safety standards required by the Company at all times.

  14. The Customer must update and upgrade the code used for its web pages to be compatible with their servers and installed applications.

  15. The Customer must ensure that the material uploaded to the server is ready and does not require any further processing by the Company to operate.

  16. The Customer is responsible for the security of his context and data.

  17. In the event of a service violation, the Customer is obliged to perform a security check and fix the issues, such as data and password changes. Furthermore, the Customer has to inform the Company about the issues detected, and his actions about fixing the security issue.

  18. The Customer shall promptly or otherwise notify the Company within 24 hours of any unauthorized access to the services provided by it, for any breach or suspicion thereof. Furthermore, the Customer shall assist, as far as possible, the Company's work in resolving the aforementioned violations.


  1. Intellectual property rights.
  2. The content of this site (including text, graphics, images, photographs and software) is the intellectual property of the Company.
  3. It is prohibited in whole or in part, republish and general reproduction or retransmission of the website content, stored in a database , retransmission in electronic or mechanical or any other form, in the original or in translation or other adaptation and modification of its form, content and appearance, without n written permission of the Company.
  4. The appearance of the material on the website should in no way be construed as transferring or granting a license or right of use or exploitation.
  5. Third Party Intellectual Property.
  6. Trademarks, insignia and third party designs owned by third parties remain their property and may not be used without the permission of their owners.

Data Protection

  1. Privacy Policy As indicated on this website. By filling out personal data on this site you are indicating that you have the authorization of this natural person to provide them to the Company.
  2. The Company, after a clear order from the declared email of the customer, is obliged to delete his accounts and files.
    The Company is obliged to maintain logs for one year and the tax data of the Customer forever.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. The Company supports alternative dispute resolution through the European Union's out-of-court platform:

  2. Code of Consumer Conduct for Electronic Transactions :

  • Jurisdiction

    1. Competent for any disputes shall be the courts of Thessaloniki.
  • **Applicable Law **

    1. The laws of Greece.