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Domain Whois Lookup

Retrieve information for any domain name

How useful is domain whois lookup?

With Pointer's domain whois lookup you can retrieve any publicly available information for every registered domain name. This information usually consists of registation date, expiration date, name and email of the owner, name of the registrar. For .gr domain names the owner's information is private. For the rest of the tlds domain owners are able to keep their information secret. For more details read below:

How can I protect my privacy online?

For the majority of tlds, domain owners are capable of hiding their personal data. This service is known as 'whois privacy' and registrars charge extra for it. The cost depends on the tld. During the process of buying a domain name from Pointer, you will be asked to activate whois privacy if you want. If you have already registered a domain name to Pointer and want to activate the service you can do so from our control panel. Remember that whois privacy is not available for .gr domain names as your information is protected anyway.

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