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Frequently Asked Questions

With the whois tool you can see the information that is published about any registered domain name of any extension. This information is usually the registration date, expiration date, registrar details and name servers of the domain name. Owner's personal information for data protection reasons not published. In some extensions if the owner information is for a company, the name may also be shown.

There are some whois tools that have kept history from the time the owner information was published. According to privacy laws, the process of publishing personal information is illegal.

The WHOIS tool is a search protocol used to retrieve information about a domain name, such as registration and expiration dates.

If a domain name is not available, then the WHOIS tool will return the relevant information.

If the specific domain name is registered through our company, then you can send us an email of interest at with your details. We will simply forward your email to the owner and the owner will reply to you directly if he would like to grant you his domain name.