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Dedicated servers

Managed dedicated servers in state-of-the-art european datacenters

I need Dedicated Server in case I run:
wide clientele
numerous websites
news website
popular news website
high-standard eshop
custom website
custom website or application
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pointer logo Why Pointer for Dedicated Server
High performance

servers and network

DDoS protection
Data backup
technical support

24/7 Monitor
Experienced staff
datacenters in europe
Datacenter location

Select datacenter in
european countries
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Full Server Management
cloud hosting
A Server needs configuration, upgrades and maintenance to function properly. If you do not have the technical knowledge or the time to maintain a Server you can get our Server Management service. We will ensure that your server works smoothly and you will only have to worry about your website!


A dedicated server refers to a full server that provides a stated amount of resources.

If you have high demanding websites or if you want a host a large amount of sites and email accounts, then you definitely need a dedicated server.

Having a dedicated server means you do not share it with others as you do with a VPS server plan.

Don't worry. Pointer has you covered! Choose Full Sever Management when ordering your server and we will make the work for you.

If you already have a website or more websites hosted on our servers, we can make the transfer for you. Make sure to contact us first to specify all details such as cost.

Your server will be activated in one business day after the confirmation of your payment. If you choose Full Server Management there is a chance that the activation process may be longer.

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