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Transfer hosting to Pointer

Transfer your site at Pointer

If you are not content with your current hosting provider, Pointer can undertake the transfer of your site to our servers, free of charge, with a free bonus of up to six months of hosting!

If you have less than six months of hosting left with your former provider and you select Pointer to host your site, we will add the remaining months to your annual package, without any extra charge.

Transfer by Pointer's technician

To proceed with hosting transfer, send an email with your request to support@pointer.gr within seven days from the placement of the order for your new site with Pointer. Our technical department will determine whether or not your site can be transferred and will reply accordingly.

  • Free transfer is applicable to clients who have order any annual hosting package, excluding free packages and email hosting.
  • To obtain extra hosting, you wil have to supply proof that the remainder of your hosting package with the former company is up to six months.
  • Transfer applies for a single site per hosting package.
  • Pointer technicians will make their best effort to help you transfer your site. However, the Company can not give guarantees regarding the availability, possibility, or time required to complete a transfer. Each hosting company has different settings in hosting and data of each site which may be stored in non-compatible format. This can make the transfer of some data extremely difficult or impossible

Transfer without Pointer's technician

  • Place your order for your new package through Pointer's state-of-the-art order system.
  • You will receive an email from us, with the details of your purchased package (ftp and Plesk hosting control panel login details, name servers for your domain).
  • Change the name servers for your domain by means of your registrar's control panel. With the change of the name servers, it will require a further 24 hours for your providers to be updated (OTEnet, Forthnet, Hol etc). This means that, for those next 24 hours, your site will keep 'running' on the old server, therefore it would be prudent not to terminate the hosting with your previous hosting provider, to avoid stopping your site running.
  • As soon as you change your name servers, it would also be prudent to adjust the emails on the Plesk Panel ( if you adjust them on the Plesk Panel using existing email login details, then you will not have to adjust the settings of your currently used email client (Outlook etc).
  • Upload your site's files, using the ftp login details you have been sent or through the Plesk Panel, for which you have already received an email with login details. The files should be uploaded in the httpdocs folder.

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