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Bring your site to us safely and win!

  • Zero downtime
  • Free hosting for up to 6 months
  • Free of charge in the new plans
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What up to 6 months of free hosting means and how to get it

Decided to change your hosting provider? Don't wait! You don't have to wait for your plan to reach expiration at the other company. Make the transfer today and we'll add the remaining months, completely free of charge!

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Win free months of hosting in 4 simple steps

  1. 1

    Choose web hosting of 1 year or more.

  2. 2

    Send us the expiration date of the package at

  3. 3

    Voilà! The extra months are added by us free of charge.

Website transfer form

How will you move your site?

Start by choosing how you want to move your website

We transfer it for you!

Don't you have the knowledge to transfer the site yourself? No problem!

  1. 1

    Choose your hosting plan

    Find the hosting plan that best suits your needs and order it.

  2. 2

    Fill in the transfer form

    One of our representatives will contact you to schedule the transfer. Transfer Form

  3. 3

    File and database transfer

    According to the schedule we will set, we transfer the files and the site's database, and in some cases the emails.

  4. 4

    Check your site

    See if everything is working as it should and we can proceed to complete the process

  5. 5

    Update of the domain name and completion

    Eventually, you will need to update the name servers of your domain name to "point" to your new hosting plan. If your domain is on Pointer, we make the change. Otherwise, you can transfer it to us here.

You transfer it yourself

If you have the necessary knowledge, you can do the process yourself.

  1. 1

    Buy hosting plan

  2. 2

    File & database transfer

  3. 3

    Check the proper functioning of the site

  4. 4

    Updating the nameservers of the domain name

What you get if you transfer to us

Fast Greek network

Through the Greek GR-IX network and state-of-the-art servers you enjoy high performance and approach 100% uptime.

Free up to 6 months hosting

Don't wait on your plan to expire there. You can transfer today and we'll transfer the remaining time to your new plan. See how it works.

You are in good hands

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, our specialized staff is able to provide you with the right solutions, whatever you need!

Transportation E-shop

Do you have an e-shop? No problem!

We can move your online store safely! The transfer of online stores is more demanding, as it needs special planning and coordination of movements to be done properly

 e-shop transfer

You don't miss an order

Our tech department, after examining your e-shop, will suggest the best possible way for you not to miss a single order.

Flexibility in transport

You tell us your needs and we adapt the transfer process to the extent that best suits you.

Specialized support

Each e-shop has its own specific needs. The experience and expertise of our technical department makes your transfer a breeze.

Start by choosing the right hosting package

shared hosting

It is the most economical choice for corporate presentation sites, pages with relatively low traffic or even small eshops.

Start from 1.90€ / month

Semi Dedicated Hosting

It is the ideal solution for demanding e-shops, news sites with high traffic and generally sites with increased resource needs (CPU & RAM).

Start from 14.90€ / month

Cloud VPS

High Availability servers, with root access, unlimited traffic and the ability to upgrade resources immediately at the right price. Available in Greece and Germany.

Start from 4.90€ / month

dedicated servers

Use an entire server, for exclusive use. Through the power and flexibility of a dedicated server, you can host complex websites and custom applications!

Start from 59€ / month

Frequently Asked Questions

The transfer includes your files, databases and all your emails.

It will not affect your site's search engine ranking. All the Search Engine Optimization features you had will be preserved. The ranking in many cases, is improved, due to better loading speed of the website.

We do not undertake the transfer of websites built in ASP or ASP.NET. We can offer you Windows hosting to host your site, as long as you contact us.

Your site will be operating normally. If you have an eshop, it would be good to have it in maintenance mode during the transfer, for more security.

The transfer time depends on the volume of data, the speed of the server that previously hosted your site and the level of access we will have. Typically, a transfer takes one to two hours.

Do you need help?

Contact us in one of the following ways

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