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Greek VPS Servers

VPS hosting

Basic VPS Server
The datacenter we use for our server hosting, is in Greece, in the Otenet network. As a second feed we use Cyta. Our servers are stored in a well air-conditioned space, and the generator can keep the servers running for many days.
Greek Datacenter
The capacity of the server disk. Disks are in HP Storage servers. You can choose SSD disk during the customization of the VPS.
10Gb Disk (SSD option)
The amount of data transferred from your site to your visitors every month. 1 Gb bandwidth, on average equal to 100.000 hits on your site.
1Tb Traffic
The server's cpu is shared among the total number of the VPSs which it hosts. The maximum cpu is up to 100% of the server (provided it is available) and the minimum cpu is as labelled on the above VPS package.
1 core CPU
The maximum memory the vps can use out of the total server memory.
512Mb + 512Mb Memory
The number of IP addresses.
1 IP
You can order monthly packages, as well.
Monthly packages
Bronze VPS Server
  Greek Datacenter
  20Gb Disk (SSD option)
  1Tb Traffic
  1 core CPU
  1Gb + 1Gb Memory
  1 IP
  Monthly packages
Silver VPS Server
  Greek Datacenter
  40Gb Disk (SSD option)
  1Tb Traffic
  1 core CPU
  1.5Gb + 1.5Gb Memory
  1 IP
  Monthly packages
Gold VPS Server
  Greek Datacenter
  60Gb Disk (SSD option)
  1Tb Traffic
  2 cores CPU
  2Gb + 2Gb Memory
  1 IP
  Monthly packages
Create your custom VPS. Select the features you wish and you will see the corresponding cost.
Build your own VPS
More features for all packages
    General features
Basic VPS Server
Bronze VPS Server
Silver VPS Server
Gold VPS Server
  Greek Datacenter
The server space occupied by your files, emails and webpages. The more disk space you have, the more files, webpages and emails you can have on the server.
Disk space
10Gb 20Gb 40Gb 60Gb
  Data traffic 1Tb 1Tb 1Tb 1Tb
The number of CPU cores that the server uses. The cores are dedicated for exclusive use.
CPU (Cores)
1 core 1 core 1 core 2 cores
  RAM memory 512Mb + 512Mb 1Gb + 1Gb 1.5Gb + 1.5Gb 2Gb + 2Gb
  IP Addresses 1 1 1 1
Our primary Network is Otenet and secondary Cyta hellas. This means that we achieve maximum speed and small ping.
Otenet & Cyta Otenet & Cyta Otenet & Cyta Otenet & Cyta
Any Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian ...).
Operating system (OS)
Linux Linux Linux Linux
User friendly web hosting panels. You can choose from Plesk, Cpanel or Virtualmin. Free setup.
Control Panel
Virtualization is the process by which the resources of a server are divided into smaller isolated systems such as a VPS. .The Openvz is designed for Linux and it creates multiple, safe and isolated containers Each container (VPS) operates as a standalone server: Restart, root access, users, ip addresses, memory management, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.
OpenVZ OpenVZ OpenVZ OpenVZ
All entities on a disc are τηε Inodes, eg. A file or a folder.
3000000 3000000 3000000 3000000
We guarantee that our web servers will be 100% available. This guarantee includes hardware malfunction. If your site is not 100% available every month due to hardware issues, we will refund you for the full amount you have paid for that particular month.
Hardware Uptime
99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
We guarantee that our web servers will be 99,99% available. This guarantee includes network malfunction except for DDOS attacks. If your site is not 99,99% available every month due to network issues, we will refund you for the full amount you have paid for that particular month.
Network Uptime
99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
If the order is done during working days and hours, the server activation is done in one or two hours, depending on the operating system or the Panel selected by the user. If the order is done during non-working days or hours the activation is done in the shortest possible time. In the most cases we will need to verify the order in order to proceed to the activation.
Fast activation
With every purchase of a web hosting package, we offer you as a present 75 euro Google coupons to use on any new account in the largest search engine. For the activation of the coupon you will need to pay 25 euro to Google.
Google coupons
Without installation costs for every hosting package.
During the order process you can choose the option that the full server management will be made by us.
Full server management
One of the great advantages of cloud servers is that you can easily and usually without need of downtime to upgrade or downgrade the resources of your server. By this way, you are charged only for what you consume. Upgrade or downgrade your resourses very easily and quickly, simply by sending an email to our technical department.
Upgrade / Downgrade possibility
Full root access
Basic VPS Server
Bronze VPS Server
Silver VPS Server
Gold VPS Server
Autonomy, power, economy
Why Pointer for VPS why us
We achieve the maximum possible speed for a site or an application by combining Greek cloud datacenter, a Greek ip, the latest generation of HP servers and modern fiber optic network. Perfect choice for e-shop, news site, athletic portal.
When the requirements for hard disc, traffic or RAM are increased, upgrade your Vps without downtime. Select any version of Linux, add Cpanel, Plesk, Virtualmin as hosting management panel. Everything is done quickly and efficiently.
Do you Have some technical knowledge? Buy your VPS without management. Otherwise, trust our experienced technicians. Software upgrades, backup configuration, installations and settings Apache, PHP, MySQL, task automation, DNS setting, etc.
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Maximum performance, reliability and autonomy are now combined in one hosting solution. Our cloud servers are on new generation systems. 100% network uptime and almost 100% hardware uptime. Full autonomy with dedicated resources at an incredibly low price. Have root access to your server, install your application, upload your site, resell in a very safe and fast environment.


The Virtual Private Server (or Virtual Dedicated server) is an independent server, inside a big Cloud server. There occurs an allocation of the resources of a secure and stable cloud server into smaller parts, while no vps server can use more resources than those allocated to him.
The client receives a portion of guaranteed memory and CPU and has root access to upload programs and operating systems

When shared hosting is not enough for you and you want an independent, reliable solution without paying the cost of a cloud server, then you should obtain access to a VPS server

  • 12 years of experience in web hosting
  • Latest generation HP equipment
  • Free and instant activation
  • 24-hour emergency phone support
  • The lowest prices in the market for VPS in a Greek datacenter
  • Otenet network, enabling maximum speed
  • 30-day money back guarantee