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Privacy Policy


1. Rights
2. How to Exercise Rights
3. Complaint
4. Data collected
5. Processing of Minors Data
6. Purpose of processing
7. Legal Basis
8. Data Storage Period
9. Performing Processing by the Company
10. Beneficiaries
11. Transfer to third country
12. Cookies


Data Controller: The general partnership under the name "T.PAPAMICHAIL - VAINAS/ G. PSALTAKIS OE" and the distinctive title “Pointer” with VAT. No. 998633174 and No. GEMI 043527706000 .

Hereinafter referred to as the "Customer" shall be the natural or legal person who concludes a service contract with the Company.

Contact email for the exercise of rights arising from this Policy:

This Data Protection Policy applies only to the personal data collected by the company as Processor through the website


  1. The right to access Customer’s personal data when it is processed by the Company.
  2. Right to correct inaccurate data and to fill in missing data.
  3. The right to delete Customer’s personal data subject to the obligations and legal rights and obligations of the Company
  4. The right to limit the processing of your personal data.
  5. Right to Withdraw Your Consent

How to Exercise Rights

  • Any request regarding Customer’s personal data and the exercise of the related rights must be addressed by email to the Company.


  • The Customer has the right to appeal to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (

Data collected:

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone
  3. Addresses
  4. Email (If this is identifiable personal data)
  5. V.A.T. - DOY
  6. Personal data voluntarily entered on our website in the contact form whose categories cannot be previously identified.

Processing of Minors Data

  1. Processing of a minor's personal data, when providing information society services directly to him, is legal if the minor has reached the age of fifteen (15) years of age and gives his consent.
  2. If the minor is less than fifteen (15) years of age, the processing of the above paragraph is only legal after the consent of his legal representative.

Purpose of processing

The possibility of drawing up a service contract, informing customers of future offers, complying with legal obligations and protecting the legitimate interests of the business.

Legal Basis

The service contract, the protection of our legitimate interest in the proper performance of the service contract, your consent and fulfillment of a legal obligation.

Data Storage Period

Up to 5 years from sending the data to the company.

Performing Processing by the Company

  1. In view of the foregoing, the Company undertakes with respect to the Customer the following:

    1. to process the personal data provided by the Customer in the context of the services provided by the Provider solely on the basis of recorded Customer orders, including as regards the transfer of personal data to a third country or international organization, unless required to do so by Union or Greek law,
    2. to ensure that persons who are authorized to process personal data have entered into a confidentiality undertaking or are subject to an appropriate regulatory obligation of confidentiality,
    3. to take all necessary security measures as defined by Article 32 of EU Regulation 2016/679
    4. to comply with the obligations arising from Article 28 (2) and (4) of EU Regulation 2016/679 concerning the designation of another processor.
    5. take account of the nature of the processing and assist the Client with appropriate technical and organizational measures, to the extent possible, to fulfill the Client's obligation to respond to requests for exercise of Chapter III of EU Regulation 2016 / 679 data subject rights,
    6. to assist the Client in ensuring compliance with the obligations under Articles 32 to 36 of EU Regulation 2016/679, taking into account the nature of the processing and the information available the Provider,
    7. at its Client's choice, deletes or returns all personal data to the Company after the processing has been completed and deletes existing copies, unless Union or Greek law requires the storage of personal data
    8. To make available to the Customer all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations laid down in Article 28 of EU Regulation 679/2016 and to allow and facilitate checks, including inspections s, conducted by the Company or by another controller authorized by the Company.
  2. The Client undertakes the following obligations towards the Company:

    1. not to abuse its rights as set forth in this article and / or the personal data protection Greek laws and / or European regulations,
    2. to take all necessary actions for the lawful processing of data processed on behalf of the Company and not to process data in breach of the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679,
    3. to send by e-mail specific information processing orders to the Company.
  3. The Customer hereby grants to the Company general authorization to contract third parties as sub processors of data

  4. In the event of termination or termination of the service contract, the Company shall exercise its rights as the controller within 14 days of termination or termination of the contract for any reason.

  5. The termination shall be deemed to commence on the day following the termination of the termination of the contract with the Provider. If it does not exercise its rights, the Company recognizes the Provider's right to delete the data processed on its behalf.


  1. Company employees and external partners (legal consultant, accountant and Company technical support staff).
  2. No data is transmitted to third parties for any commercial purpose.

Transfer to third country

No transfer to third country.


  1. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the site, the storage of small files, called cookies may be required on Customer’s computer.

  2. What are cookies?

    1. Cookies are small text files that a site saves on user’s computer or mobile device when the user visits this site. This way, the site remembers the user’s actions and preferences (such as password, language, font size, and other visual preferences) for a period of time, so he does not have to enter these preferences every time he visits the site or browses through its pages.
  3. Purpose of using cookies:

  4. To provide a better experience when visiting the site and making improvements

    1. Customizing your experience
    2. Locating visitors by country and city
    3. Time spent on our site, country-city
    4. Operating System / Device type
  5. What cookies service we use:

    1. Google Analytics (GA)
    2. Google Conversion
    3. Google Tag manager
    4. Facebook Ads
    5. Zoho
  6. Enabling these cookies is not necessary for the operation of the site but will enable the Customer to browse better.

  7. The Customer is able to delete these cookies, or block access to them, but if he does some features of the site may not work well.

  8. Information related to cookies is not used to identify the user personally.

  9. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those described herein.

  10. You can revoke your consent regarding cookies by using the hyperlink on the downside of the website.