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Do you need help in managing your Cloud VPS or Dedicated server? Leave it to us!

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What is Ultimate Management?

A Cloud VPS Server or Dedicated Server needs setup, upgrades and monitoring to work properly. If you choose "Server Management", i.e. the implementation of managed hosting, the management of your server is handled by us.

In the Management package we offer all additional processes, from backup setup and operating system software upgrades, to Apache, NGINX, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB installations/configurations, so that the only thing you will have to worry about is the content of your website.

Ultimate management from Pointer

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Settings On the Server

  • Control panel installation (cPanel, Plesk or Virtualmin) and initial setup
  • Software updates, upgrades and maintenance
  • Email server settings, addressing deliverability issues
  • Apache, PHP, DNS, MySQL & Cron jobs settings
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Reliable Monitoring

  • Monitoring and alert system
  • Actions to maintain uninterrupted operation
  • Prevent possible malfunctions on the server
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  • Firewall & IDS installation and configuration
  • Download, maintain and restore backups (Backup)
  • Anti-spam and installation of Anti-virus & KernelCare if required
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Why I need Management for my server

Ensure the smooth operation of the server

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You only care about the content of your site

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You have the power of a server without technical knowledge

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Get the power of Ultimate Management

The service is combined with the purchase of Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server

Cloud VPS Servers

High availability servers (High Availability) with root access, unlimited traffic and with the ability to immediately upgrade resources at the right price. Available in Greece and Germany.

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Dedicated Servers

Use an entire server, for exclusive use. Through the power and flexibility offered by a dedicated server, you can host complex websites and custom applications!

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Frequently asked questions

We do not provide support on issues related to third party software such as Wordpress, Joomla etc. These issues are resolved by your programmer. In some cases and if possible, we can guide you to find the solution in consultation with your developer.

The monitoring of the servers and the resolution of urgent technical issues is done around the clock. The work that you will request, which concerns Management issues, is done during working days and hours.

The support is provided on servers that have a managed environment Plesk, Cpanel, Virtualmin.

You will need to purchase the backup service, along with your server. Once you choose the service, our technicians will take care of its proper configuration.

There is no extra charge, the work done on the servers is done regardless of the number of websites.

The main goal of Monitoring is to prevent problems. That is why the monitoring system, besides whether a server is working or not, informs our technicians about the increase of memory usage, the increase of load, the filling or malfunction of disks, the correct operation of services, etc.

You won't have to do anything, as we have already realised this. But if you want, you can call us any day and time.

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