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Smart shopping guide

Are you looking for the most suitable domain name? We have all the answers!


What is a domain name?

Let's start with the basics. The domain name is your internet address. It is the name by which your customers finds you.
A domain name consists of the second level part of the name and the top-level part.

 anatomy of a domain name

How to choose the right domain name

The informal rules


What would be good to look out for

  • Be close to your brand
  • To sound good
  • To be easy to remember
  • To be simple and short

What you shouldn't do

  • Avoid exact match domains (EMDs)
  • No numbers if not necessary
  • No hyphen
  • Look for no corresponding trademark


How to choose the right suffix?

The second part of the domain name is the suffix (TLD). Usually you will find most Greek websites with .gr or .com. But there are many different options for your domain.

  • Popular extensions (.gr, .com, .org, .eu, .net)
  • Geographic extensions (.it,, .es, .barcelona, .asia)
  • Thematic Extensions (.music, .marketing, .beer, .email, .design)

Pro tip: Don't get stuck on .gr or .com. Choose the extension that will make you stand out!

 the tld part of a domain name tld


Subdomain: what it is and how it is used

The subdomain (SD) is a "prefix" that comes before the domain name (e.g. We use it to create separate sections on a site.

When to use a subdomain:

  • Create a blog
  • Create an online shop
  • Create branches
 the sd part of a domain name tld

Frequently asked questions

Useful information before you buy a domain name

What is registration and how long is it valid for?

It means that no one else can use your domain name. It can last from 1 to 10 years.

Who issues them?

All domain names are issued by registries that are basically state-owned.

How do I use a domain name?
  1. Protect your name and don't let anyone take it away from you.
  2. Just the mere image of a domain can show the public more about you than you probably imagine.
  3. A domain name will add prestige and professionalism to your email.
Where can I buy them?

Their registration for the end user is done through registrars, such as us!

Can I change it later?

Changing a domain name is possible but not easy! So before you buy your domain name think it over!

Does it need adjustment?

The basic configuration you need to do is to set the nameservers of your hosting plan. That is, you need to define which server you want your domain to "point" to.

*The nameservers are given to you by your hosting provider.