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Windows hosting or Linux hosting

Windows or linux hosting? What should I choose?

We compare the two operating systems to help you choose the best for your needs
Linux και Windows operating systems are installed on the Pointer's web servers and have nothing to do with the operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, iphone) that the user uses at his own computer.
-PHP and MySQL support
-Apache Web Server
-Mod Rewrite support
-Chmod file permissions
Traditionally, Linux servers were always more stable than Windows.
Linux packages are a bit cheaper because linux is an open source (free) software
At linux servers you can use cPanel or Plesk for web hosting management.
For static sites, you can choose linux or windows server without problem. For dynamic or CMS sites, if you use the PHP programming language then you should choose Linux.
-ASP support
-ASP.NET support
-Powerful SQL Server Database
-Access support
-PHP and MySQL compatibility
-IIS Web Server
In recent years, windows have made significant progress on the issue of stability.
Windows packages are a bit more expensive due to the fact that their operation system (windows server) is not free. However, if you do not use ASP, .NET or Microsoft SQL Server (which are available only in windows packages), you can buy a linux package and save the extra cost of the windows one.
At Windows servers, there is only the Plesk option. So if you are used to cPanel, you cannot choose Windows server.
For dynamic sites, if ASP or ASP.NET programming language is used, then you should choose Windows.
What tools and what programming languages ​​are supported by each server's operating system?
Which kind of server is more stable ?
Why Windows packages are a little more expensive than Linux?
Which server is more usable?
If a site is simple static , what should i choose ? For dynamic sites or sites which are built with CMS , what should i choose?
If you have Windows on your computer or you work with Mac, you can order linux hosting without any problems.
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