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Smart web hosting shopping guide

Would you like to create a website?

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3 steps to create a website

Below we will focus on the 2nd step which is the selection of the appropriate hosting plan.

  1. 1

    Buy a Domain Name

  2. 2

    Purchase of a web hosting plan

  3. 3

    Create a website

Web Hosting

What it is and why you need a hosting plan

What is it?

Each website consists of files containing its code. Along with files, there may be databases and various other services (e.g. email). All of the above are hosted within a hosting plan or on a server specialized for web hosting and high accessibility.

Why do I need it?

Hosting is essential for the creation and operation of your website. In this guide we will explain what exactly is involved in hosting your website.

What are the types of hosting?

Let's see in a nutshell what each type of hosting offers you

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web hosting

Shared server, with shared resources (Memory, CPU, disk) between packages at low cost. Suitable for simple presentation and small eshop pages.

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Semi Dedicated Hosting

Shared server, with high resources, NVMe disks and Litespeed Web Server. For demanding websites such as news sites, eshops and websites with increased resource requirements.

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller package on a shared server. You can create your own hosting plans and resell them to your customers. We are nowhere to be seen.

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Cloud VPS

Non-physical standalone server, with large resources. Provides more autonomy than the above shared servers. Suitable for websites and custom applications.

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dedicated servers

Physical standalone server, with large resources. It provides full autonomy and physical resources, as it is a physical machine. Suitable for large number of websites, high demanding websites and custom applications.

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In case you do not know exactly what your use will be, you can contact us and one of our qualified technicians will give you the best solution for your hosting.

Choosing a Suitable Hosting Plan

What to look out for

Disc space

Calculate how much space your website will need.

WordPress compatibility

If you will use WordPress, Joomla or another well-known CMS, make sure the hosting package provides MySQL support.


See how many email accounts you'll need and with what capacity.


Have a backup option, in case of need.

What are my options?

control panel

The Control Panel (cPanel, Plesk), simplifies basic tasks that can be done through the hosting plan.


End-to-end encryption, for secure navigation and shopping on your website.

Greek IP

More speed within the country, thanks to the Greek GR-IX network.

Hosting & Support

The importance of Support

Make sure there is really accessible technical support, in case you need any clarification or work. What you should be aware of is the waiting and response times in case you need help. You should also check the ways you can contact the technical department (e.g. phone, chat, email).

What we do!

Our technicians monitor the infrastructure 24/7. They supervise the proper functioning of the infrastructure, as well as the upgrade of services and systems. At the same time, technical support is at your disposal, weekdays 9:00-19:00 for general issues and 24/7 for critical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information before you buy Web Hosting

What should I look out before buying?

Before you buy a hosting plan, you should know the implementation of your website. Indicatively, if the implementation of your website will be done with HTML (static), the Basic Hosting plan can cover you, while if you use a CMS (WordPress), you can start with the Bronze plan. The difference is that the Bronze plan supports MySQL as database which is necessary for WordPress to be functional, while the Basic plan uses SQLite.

Greek hosting;

Infrastructure in a Greek data center. This way, we can achieve higher speeds due to GR-IX (Greek Network). At the same time, you can contact our technical department directly for support and communicate in Greek. Finally, the SEO of your website, to a small extent, will be better.

How much space do I need?

The space of your hosting plan plays a crucial role. A website can need anywhere from 100mb to Unlimited. If your website has a small amount of data at the beginning, it doesn't necessarily stay that way as it grows.

Will I be able to host email?

In our hosting plans, you can also host your mail. In the Basic plans, you can have up to 5 email accounts. In the larger shared hosting plans, there is no limit to the number of accounts you can have, but there is a limit to the quota of each mailbox at 1GB.

What happens in case of a malfunction?

In our shared server hosting plans, there is an almost daily backup. If anything happens to your website, you can inform the technical department so that they can proceed to restore the backup.

Is a security certificate provided?

In our hosting plans, the free Let's Encrypt security certificate is provided. If there is no commercial certificate available, you can install it to encrypt the connection from the user to your website.

If I have an issue, can I contact technical support?

Technical support is at your disposal, weekdays 9:00-19:00 for general issues and 24 hours a day for critical issues.

Is there supervision of the servers?

Our technicians monitor the infrastructure 24/7. They supervise the proper functioning of the infrastructure, as well as the upgrade of services and systems. Knowing the above, you can be carefree with the infrastructure and focus on the development and maintenance of your website.