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Managed hosting by Pointer.gr

Do you need support for managing your VPS or Cloud server?
Check our server management services

full server management
Full Server Management
Every VPS or Cloud Server needs proper configuration, upgrades and continuous monitoring. If you select "Full Server Management", we will take care of all the necessary actions for your server to work properly.
All maintenance actions such as backups, software upgrades, installation/configuration of Apache, NGINX, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB will be undertaken by us. The only thing you have to worry about is the content of your website.
We set up your server with your permission
control panel
Installation and configuration of Control Panel (Plesk, cPanel, Virtualmin or ISPCοnfig)
Upgrades of operating system
mail server
Configuration of Mail server
Installation of packages with package manager (yum/rpm, apt/deb)
Advanced settings for Apache (mod_python, mod_ruby, mod_security etc.)
Installation Perl/PECL add-ons/extension
Configuration of MySQL/MariaDB
Configuration of DNS
Modification of php.ini adjusted to your needs
Configuration of cron jobs
Continuous monitoring of the server every day
Boot of the server after downtime
Start of services (e.g. apache, mysql, postfix)
Security settings of server at operating system level
Installation and configuration of Filewall
Backup settings
Website restoration to the latest backup snapshot in case it is hacked.
Anti-spam and installation of anti-virus if wanted
Server management work time
The maximum time of full server management is two hours

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