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Video Streaming Servers

Check out our Video Streaming Packages below
Bronze video
Simultaneous viewers: 100
The higher the bitrate the 'cleaner' the image will be. For 720p image, 2048 Kbps bitrate is enough. Most tv channels stream at 1024 Kbps.
Video quality: 256 Kbps – 2048 Kbps
We have no limits on traffic use. You can use as much as you want...
Unlimited traffic
Real time charts of viewers and traffic use.
The number of different channels you can stream with this package.
Channels: 1
Viewers can watch your video from any device, mobile, tablet, PC and from any operating system, such as IOS, Android, Windows phone, etc
Multi-device support
The most famous streaming management tool
Wowza server software
Free player which is compatible with every device and every operating system.
Free video player
Free installation
Silver video
  Simultaneous viewers: 500
  Video quality: 256 Kbps – 2048 Kbps
  Unlimited traffic
  Channels: 1
  Multi-device support
  Wowza server software
  Free video player
  Free installation
Gold video
  Simultaneous viewers: 1000
  Video quality: 256 Kbps – 2048 Kbps
  Unlimited traffic
  Channels: 1
  Multi-device support
  Wowza server software
  Free video player
  Free installation
Live conferences
Live sporting events
Live music events
Live shows
What is live video streaming?
Live streaming has become part of our lives... Live matches, live music events, live meetings, live seminars, Web TV. We like watching an event live when we are not able to attend it... Broadcast experience is ever better with High Definition video streaming. To stream live, you need a camera, a transmission device (encoder), a streaming server (you can get one from us) and a website in which viewers can watch the video live. The whole world can be your crowd with video live streaming.
Why video streaming with Pointer
multi device support
Multi-device support
Your video will be broadcasted to any device, any operating system and via any protocol without compatibility issues.
24-hour support for critical issues. Telephone support for every issue during working hours and ticketing system.
image quality
Video quality flexibility
Choose the quality of your streaming. On the next step of your order, you will be able to choose High Definition streaming if you want.
video player
Free installation and video player
Installation and video player is free for all of our packages.
Use of any encoder
You can use whichever encoder you want, from RTMP to MPEG-TS
latest technologies
Support state-of-the-art technologies
Broadcast your video with any modern format, such as Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, etc
adjust quality
Quality adjustment in real time
The quality of the video (transcoding) is automatically adjusted to devices with lower screen resolution or internet connection to yield the best broadcasting experience possible
youtube facebook live
Go live in Youtube and Facebook
Share your videos live in Youtube and Facebook
Case study "Epsilon TV"

Epsilon Tv is a television channel with thousands of simultaneous viewers every day. It was a big challenge for us to effectively stream its content with high quality and no downtime.

We use multiple servers which share the traffic through a load balancer. The stream content is sent via two different servers at two different locations to minimize downtime.

Video is transcoded and adjusted to devices with lower screen resolutions or weaker internet connection to improve viewer experience. Image is transmitted with 1024Kbps and sound with 96Kbps. The uptime of our service is 100% until now.


In order to stream your video live, you will need:
-The video which will be sent to the encoder which can captured by camera,file etc.
-An encoder which receives, processes and sends the video to the server.
-The Streaming server
-The Site or the url which will show your video.

You can use any RTMP encoder. The most common is the Adobe Live Encoder which is free.

Our streaming system and player are compatible with any up-to-date browser, mobile phone, tablet or PC.

If you want a High definition stream, you should have a VDSL connection with at least 5Mbit upload.
In case of a ADSL, thw best quality that you can have is the 768Kbps.

We offer a free video player which is compatible with all up-to-date browsers and can function at PC, Tablet, mobile devices.

Have your mind that a byte consists of 8 bit. The amount of data at a video is measured in bits per second. The data rate for a video file is the bitrate.
In a video that plays with 1 megabyte per second, the bitrate is 8 megabits per second (8 Mbps). The bitrate for Blu-ray HD is usually 20 Mbps, for DVD is usually 6 mbps, high quality video on the Internet, 2 mbps.

Wowza easily allows you to manage and monitor your streaming server from a browser on a computer, tablet or your phone.

The image and audio data are transmitted in real time without having to download them. A stream of data is sent to the person that watches, thats why it is called streaming.

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