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How to perform a backup restore using JetBackup 5 (cPanel)?

In this article, we will guide you through the process of performing a backup restore using JetBackup 5 in cPanel.

Video Tutorial

Getting Started

After logging in to our cPanel, we select JetBackup 5 from the Files category.

JetBackup 5 button.


In case we have a dynamic website or a well-known CMS (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Opencart), for a full restore, it should be performed on both our files and database.

Locating Files

To start with our files, we will select the "Home Directory" icon.

Home Directory button.

We choose the desired date and press the "Change Files Selection" button.

Change Files Selection

In the next selection, we need to choose the folder where the files of our website are located. Typically, for the main domain name, the folder is "public_html". Then, we press the "Select Files" button at the bottom right of our screen.

Select “public_html” folder and Select Files button.

File Restoration

We select the "Restore" button, and in the next prompt, we choose "Restore Selected Items".

Πλήκτρο Restore.

For our database, we will select the "Databases" tab. Then, we choose our database, and next, we click on the "Choose Other Backup" button.

Databases tab and Choose Other Backup option.

Finally, we select the date for the restoration, followed by the "Restore" button, and in the subsequent prompt, we choose "Restore Selected Items".

Date selection and Restore button.

To confirm the successful completion of the file and database restoration, we can check it through the "Queue" button.

Queue tab.

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